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PREMIO MODAⓇ Marchio registrato (copy right)
property and production publimusic.com (Matera – Italy) Il Premio ModaⓇ
The prize Moda® “Città dei Sassi” ® has been an international competition for high fashion designers for ten years. Born in 2008 from the passion that characterizes the promoter company, the Publimusic, and has reached, in 2018, the 10th edition.
Set up to promote artisans / fashion designers in the total look of women. Coming from all over the world, they took part in the event to highlight their artistic skills and make themselves known through the media to the international public, thanks to the presence of fashion, press organs, television networks, and of sector operators.
The awareness of having as a frame of the event, a location of the highest cultural level, reinforces the conviction of refinement, if not the uniqueness of the Premio Moda®, promoted by TEN consecutive years in Matera.
Il Premio Moda® – Città dei Sassi® through the website www.premiomoda.it is now a real point of reference in the world of haute couture. At the same time it is internationally recognized as a Fashion and Design Event of great quality, appreciated for its potential: In fact, the creations of all the stylists who participated, continue to be highlighted through the photos / videos of the website creating a virtual showcase that continues to revive “The beauty of creative talent applied to fashion”
Premio Moda 12° edition
work in progress 2024
e-mail: premiomoda.it@gmail.com