Born in Fano, Francesco Cecchini lived there until the age of 19.
His studies go from graphic designs to the field of fashion.
He moved to Milan to attend the Institute ‘Secoli’, he graduated as an industrial designer and in industrial modeling. Throughout all his studying process he has always followed his passion for Haute Couture and luxury doing courses in moulage and atelier stages in Umbria.
During the past two years, spent in Milan, his working experience has been in continuous change and growth.
His every collection tells a story, often outside schemes and current trends.
His ideal of woman definitely combines innate femininity and aristocratic elegance.
His working goals make him one of the strongest interesting characters in the fashion world.
Just 21 years old, he can boast collaborations with the most prestigious companies in Italy and Europe.
Winner of numerous scholarships in Art , he has been able to bring his own knowledge and passions in the fashion field so as to achieve remarkable results in just 2 years of study.
Selected as a finalist of Mittelmoda2009, got the Prize Kaledo and the Italian Fabric Award. The prestigious awards achieved characterize him as one of the emerging young designers that stands for elegance and style.
His sources of inspiration come from the world of Art uniting with personal and unusual moods of the soul, releasing dreamy atmospheres where it is often difficult to distinguish a dress from an opera.
The young Designer of Milan adoption once declared : “My muses are countless, sometimes it’s a trip, others a movie but the thing that really unites them all is the dream , the desire that everyone keeps safe in itself.”