I am Cecilia Lopedota, i was born in Altamura (Bari) on the 22nd of November in 1987 and i live there in Enrico Toti street n.34.

I studied at the Professional Institute for Commercial Services “C. Caniana” in Bergamo with the achievement during the school years 2003/04 of the Professional Qualification for Fashion Operator.
Later I graduated in 2006 in “Technical Clothing and Fashion” at ‘Isabella Morra’ in Matera.
I obtained at the European Institute of Design in Rome, in the academic years 2008/09 the three-year course Diploma for “Fashion Design” with the final vote of 100/100.

My creativity has always been encouraged by the interest in Art, Photography and Illustration.
My professional goal is to enter in the Fashion World as a famous Designer