Teresa Farese was born in Melfi on the 23rd of October in 1983.
Sweet, quiet and tenacious, decided to develop her passion for fashion.
So at first she decided to attend a course in learning the basic techniques of haute couture and then joined a course specialized for Patternmaker, deepening pattern design techniques, ending it with the highest grades.
She continued her studies in Rome attending two Masters of I and II level for the high fashion embroidery.
Each dress has a particular significance for her, it is a time of life, the excitement of that moment that makes her drawings first, and later her creation in its totality, the expression of a natural emotion.
But her passion is also a continuous study of techniques, patterns and styles. So she attended the course of fashion designer at the Institute Callegari in Milan, increasingly improving her techniques and skills for fashion drawings.
In 2010 came the turning point in her carreer, a passion that became reality.
With the help of mom and dad decided to open her own Atelier, not a “common” one, but a real creative laboratory, about her own creativity, her own style, a unique style that can convey the emotion of the woman who wears it.
Was then finally born her logo, even this unique, uncommon, a T and a F, indicating not only her initials, but meaning in particular the inborn Talent of this girl and the ‘Finesse’ that shines through in every suit designed by her.
Her clothes are designed in accordance with the techniques of haute couture, created with asymmetric cuts to fit your own style with draps and embroidery to embellish every dress and make it unique.
Her fave quote is: “In order to be irreplaceable one must be different” by (Coco Chanel).