Chiara Banelli was born on the 24th of June in 1989 in Tolmezzo near Udine, she lives now in a small village in Northern Friuli called Trelli.

As a child grows the love for drawing. She obtained her graduation of fashion clothing in a Technic Institute, the ISIS R. D’aronco in Gemona of Friuli.
At the age of 17, the meeting with the designer Santo Verace at the event “Lady in Pink”, who gave her a brief judgment about her designs: “Good drawing skills and a good perspective of work”.
This conversation blew out some of her shyness so to start believing in her dream of life, to draw and create outfits.
Since then she gave free rein to her creativity, re-proposed in a modern way the traditional clothes of her country, exposing them to different exhibitions and being called as a special guest at the castle of Villalta of Fagagna and also to the Carnian Museum of Popular Arts “Michele Gortani” in Tolmezzo.
Fascinated also by the nineteenth-century style, she created costumes on request for a small local theatre company.
She is currently working with CARNICA TEXTILE ART, JACQUARD WEAVING Villa Santina Udine and the teacher of tombolo, Guny of the town of Tolmezzo, trying every day, day by day, to give shape to clothes designed by her.