Hi, I’m Maria Laura Maloccu, I was born in March in 1987, i live now in Fonni, a small village in the province of Nuoro in Sardinia.

A passion for drawing, thanks to my father, and for sewing given by my mother and the passion for Art in general accompanied me since i was a little school baby.

I took my diploma at the Art Institute with fashion & costume address.
In 5 years of high school I had the pleasure to learn the first notions about fashion design, sewing and pattern making, textile printing and even weaving, later I attended the Fashion Institute IMAGE & FASHION in Nuoro, taking here a diploma as well, this time as a fashion designer.
There I had the chance to put my ideas into practice, followed by skilled masters who, step by step, slowly formed my person. After graduation I was able to join and work into a bridal gowns atelier, so to make a long apprenticeship alongside an expert woman of the field for over 50-year who, not being jealous about showing me her skills, taught me the most important secrets of her job.

My dream is to be able to realize an all mine fashion line, which can really represent me and which can also reflect all my creativity.
Meanwhile i create clothes and i also do fashion drawings on demands and i’m specializing in the art of embroidery.